Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quit Market Houston 2011

Once again Quit Market has come and gone, however ALL the new fabrics are beyond FANTASTIC! I did receive an invitation from my BFF (I don't think Anna knows that we are BFF's, maybe) Anna Griffin to her Private Partay in Houston, credentials required! Alas, I was unable to attend as I stayed in Stuville to mind the Shoppe as Tula and Cam galavanted off to Houston. Tula did bring back a gift, one of Anna's newest lines, The Pinelope Collection fat quarter bundle, Yum, Yum! Notice the PINelope! Sewing theme! Super Chic Anna! Anyway, as usual her fabrics are elegant, timeless and I just love them. Another of Anna Griffins new lines is The Fleur Rouge. IWe are in the process of building a new home for the Twinkie Princesses and I am thinking The Fleur Rouge dining room! So here are some pics for you to drool over. Shipping begins the first of the year!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Operation Re-"Guilding" Joplin Thank You!

May I begin by saying that I could never imagine or try to begin to feel the pain, loss and suffering that someone experiences having gone through a tragedy such as the recent tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri. I do know that when I found myself in the center of the devastation I had to help in some way. As I was actually enroute to Quitman, Texas to visit Stitchin Heaven, Deb Lutrells Quilt Shop along with 27 other Quilt Shop Owners to brainstorm for 3 days that an audience awaited my arrival and that they were a powerful group that could come up with an amazing way to help. I was correct! Within hours we had come up with as Susan Allen of The Quilt Asylum in McKinney, Texas coined it, a plan to "Re-Guild" Joplin. The concept was to actually obtain from Vendors and customers the items needed to "outfit" a Passionate Quilter, someone who had just lost everything, and I do mean everything. How could they begin to heal when they did not even possess the thread it would take to try to piece their lives back together.
We told our vendors that we did not need 5 rotary cutters, we need 100 rotary cutters, 100 cutting mats, cases of thread, needles, batting and fabrics, yards and yards of fabrics. We asked out customers to "share" their stash that we have heard over the years is so extensive they could open a quilt shop. Boxes began arriving, more and more boxes. The UPS man asked what was going on. New Sewing machines still in their box's came rolling in. Boxes of New books and patterns for their Guild Library. Initially we began cataloging all the items in each box. This soon became too extensive of a task.

Unfortunately, and I say this with a sigh, the intention of a few good people will often try to be exploited, twisted and abused. So as of this posting we are no longer accepting Items. We have accumulated enough items not only to Re-Guild Joplin, we could possibly open a very nice Quilt Shop, and if the Guild wants to they can. The items that we have gathered from the most amazing people on earth (you all know who you are) will be delivered to no less than an officer of the guild in person. We will then help "the quild" via its officers divide evenly amongst it members the collected items. The purpose being totally accounted for and the delivery of the items being logged and authenticated by the original group that came up with the concept back in mid June. Great Job Ladies!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneek Peek Pre-QuiltMarket

Now is the time to stop by The Quilt Shoppe to see Tula in action! Tula and her crew are working madly on her booth preparing for the amazing "Prince Charming". More pics at www.tulapink.com For lots of fun follow us on Twitter twitter.com/#!/katrunyan Quilt Market travels in the Spring and will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah beginning next week. We will depart on Tuesday, arriving in time for School House sessions with Tula on Thursday, are you signed up? Her booth #2246 is next to "The Vintage Spool" our dearest friend Verna Mosquera and of course the most amazing and talented Tina Givens, love you Verna and Tina! For anyone attending please come by the Freespirit/Westminster Booth #2246. Free Stuff? See "The Prince" in person! If your not attending we will bring back the Prince Charming Booth and recreate it at The Quilt Shoppe for everyone to enjoy. So hope to see you at market or back at home where we will be napping! Of course The Quilt Shoppe will remain open thanks to the Beyond Amazing "Double Dream Hands" Whitney and meet our newest addition Jenny. An official welcome in the next blog as she deserves a blog dedicated to just Jenny.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fun from The UK!

Every now and then someone comes into your path that just makes you smile! Enter Katy Jones aka "Imagingermonkey" on Twitter.
Yes, that is a Tula Pink original tattoo on her fore arm of the Full Moon Forest Owl. It is totally beautiful and Katy wears it so well.
This pic was taken in Houston at International Quilt Market. Tula is signing her arm in Hot Tula Pink of course! Katy mentioned she wanted to get a "Parisville" tattoo...we can't wait to see that one! You kids from the UK are soooo fun and super chic!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the Winner is.....

First, I have to say that I will now give greater thought to my blog. Had I known anyone was actually reading it I would have somehow changed the content to something more interesting. Now the pressure is really on, so I have decided to post at least one picture from the life and times of Tula Pinks mum "a hint as to the winner" and life at The Quilt Shoppe that has never been posted anywhere else. Lets call it a "behind the scenes" peek. With my handy dandy iPhone and a little zoom I can usually get some pretty interesting stuff. The photo I have uploaded here is Tula and her most Amazing Ninja Quilter, Angela Walters discussing and designing the quilting of Tula's next line of fabric and newest patterns due to premier in Salt Lake City in May 2011. Its all hushy hushy stuff! Tula never reads my blog so I think I am safe for now. If I fall off the face of the earth never to be seen again check the wood chipper!
Oh yeah, back to the reason of tonights blog...the winner of a complete set of Tula Pink Patterns and a bottle of Asti goes to...

rderrett www.blogger.com/profile/01907479419118988919

Talk to me about the "Tula Pink Turtle Tattoo" I have definitely found a new blog to follow myself. I would like to offer you a choice of a bottle of Asti which I have to ship to the UK or maybe some Tula Pink fabric. I have a secret stash that you may like. Let me know, Enjoy the patterns and thanks for following!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just a Quick Question...

I just have to know, does anyone really read these blogs? I am taking a poll which will last 30 days. Everyone that comments will have the chance to win a full set of Tula Pink Patterns, and a bottle of Martini and Rossi Asti Spumante! That is 10 patterns in all. I will announce the winner which will be chosen randomly on February 23rd. Comments will not be judged on humor and wit, however they are so much more fun to read. Pass the word, and prove me wrong.