Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And the Winner is.....

First, I have to say that I will now give greater thought to my blog. Had I known anyone was actually reading it I would have somehow changed the content to something more interesting. Now the pressure is really on, so I have decided to post at least one picture from the life and times of Tula Pinks mum "a hint as to the winner" and life at The Quilt Shoppe that has never been posted anywhere else. Lets call it a "behind the scenes" peek. With my handy dandy iPhone and a little zoom I can usually get some pretty interesting stuff. The photo I have uploaded here is Tula and her most Amazing Ninja Quilter, Angela Walters discussing and designing the quilting of Tula's next line of fabric and newest patterns due to premier in Salt Lake City in May 2011. Its all hushy hushy stuff! Tula never reads my blog so I think I am safe for now. If I fall off the face of the earth never to be seen again check the wood chipper!
Oh yeah, back to the reason of tonights blog...the winner of a complete set of Tula Pink Patterns and a bottle of Asti goes to...


Talk to me about the "Tula Pink Turtle Tattoo" I have definitely found a new blog to follow myself. I would like to offer you a choice of a bottle of Asti which I have to ship to the UK or maybe some Tula Pink fabric. I have a secret stash that you may like. Let me know, Enjoy the patterns and thanks for following!


  1. OMG - it's me! I've messaged you on multiply to advise you of my address but if you see this either use rosanneduk on Twitter or my actual email address is rosanne dot derrett at btinternet dot com. Thank you so very much! On the tattoo front, it's not Katy's blog is it? Only I think I'm meeting her on Saturday!

  2. I'm too late for the poll, but I am watching your blog, so be careful what you say Kathy! HeeHeeHee...

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