Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sneek Peek Pre-QuiltMarket

Now is the time to stop by The Quilt Shoppe to see Tula in action! Tula and her crew are working madly on her booth preparing for the amazing "Prince Charming". More pics at For lots of fun follow us on Twitter!/katrunyan Quilt Market travels in the Spring and will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah beginning next week. We will depart on Tuesday, arriving in time for School House sessions with Tula on Thursday, are you signed up? Her booth #2246 is next to "The Vintage Spool" our dearest friend Verna Mosquera and of course the most amazing and talented Tina Givens, love you Verna and Tina! For anyone attending please come by the Freespirit/Westminster Booth #2246. Free Stuff? See "The Prince" in person! If your not attending we will bring back the Prince Charming Booth and recreate it at The Quilt Shoppe for everyone to enjoy. So hope to see you at market or back at home where we will be napping! Of course The Quilt Shoppe will remain open thanks to the Beyond Amazing "Double Dream Hands" Whitney and meet our newest addition Jenny. An official welcome in the next blog as she deserves a blog dedicated to just Jenny.

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