Monday, August 2, 2010

Ruth Bishop & Maxine Winger!

"Two" Quilters of the Month?? Nope just two amazing wonderful friends that share a love of quilting!! Ruth and Maxine could be labeled our "original" customers as they have been with us from the very first days in the oh so small and quaint Starlight building. We ironed on the floor, shared one cutting mat (among the entire class) and I think maybe just one rotary cutter. There are many stories over the years that we can share, yes we did accidentally sell one of Ruth's beautiful quilts to a customer traveling to California. Why this customer wanted a "Ruth Supersize" Flannel quilt is still a mystery, but boy did she get a good deal!! We convinced Maxine to applique, much to her chagrin, they have both done each and every "Quilt Block of the Month", Mystery Quilt and Charity drive we have come up with. Ruth and her husband George were even there when the twinkies were born. If you notice Ruth and Maxine even share one of the original parking blocks, which everyone wants to know how to's a secret even to those who have them. Well, they now have the "Quilter of the Month" parking spot. We all love you both, appreciate it every time you come in just to chat or see what is "New", share your family stories and pick out your next project. You are both a vital part of the shoppe as much as anyone ever could be...Congratulations!!
P.S. maybe we should have "Quilter's of the Year"??