Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Cliche, I know!

Wow, it's amazing how fast this year has passed and what a year it has been!

We saw Tula Pink make the move to FreeSpirit/Westminster Fibers and anxiously awaited her new line...Parisville, which we have just heard is totally SOLD OUT at FreeSpirit, but not to fret they are going to reprint! Thank you #TulaTroops! Laminates, M&M's, First time booth at Houston International Quilt Market, Crazy "Marie Antionette" ship heads (currently on display at The Quilt Shoppe), a new super hot Tula Pink trailer for quilt guild travels and 8 New Quilt Patterns! And that is only the Tula Pink stuff!

Angela Walters became OUR VERY OWN in house Machine Quilter! The Quilting Gods are definitely looking down on us! Several of you have already picked up quilts she has done for you and raved at how magnificent they turned out. Be sure to get your name on her list. She is doing a "whole cloth quilt" for me personally in a Cotton Lawn cloth that will go on display as soon as it is done. I purchased 4 bolts of the new/latest/hot fabric...Cotton Lawn. All I can say is it is so beautiful. A little pricey but sooooo worth it.

I just updated ALL our billboards as well as added 2 new billboards, both on I36 near Hiawatha and Chillicothe. They are pink and white polka can't miss them, a total of 6 huge Lamar/Waitt billboards! We added the super exciting "Kids Safe Zone" play area which is probably a bigger hit than free fabric, well maybe not! The actual play house should be done soon. Super Cute. I still can't believe it took me 4 years to think of a "kid safe play area" Brain Freeze or age, not sure!

We have two bus trips planned again for this year, destinations to be announced in January, late January. They will be better than ever, trust me, really, seriously, trust me!

Now all the buzz about the price of cotton. Well, frankly its going to go through the roof, however as I am always thinking of protecting my wonderful customers/friends I would like to say that I just finished (before the clock struck 12:00 midnight) placing a ton of fabric orders before the price increase!!!!!!! The cutoff was midnight Dec 31st. So we are in good shape!

I also want to take the time to mention that you will want to follow us on "Twitter". I will be doing Friday giveaways, making $$saving announcements and keeping you all up to speed regarding everything about The Quilt Shoppe, Tula Pink and all things Quilty. My "Twitter" name is "Katrunyan". There is a link on our website, just click there, the rest is super easy. You may also want to follow "TulaPink" as well, she tends to give sneak peeks of her new fabric lines.

Its almost 1:00 a.m. Happy New Everyone, you have all been a part of making this past year a huge success. I love you all and hope that I can continue to inspire your creativity and talents! The Twinkies wake up at 5:00 a.m. so I better get some sleep.

See you soon,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I finally got to Ride the Bus!

HOW FUN! All this time I was staying behind at the Shoppe playing hostess to the 10-13 other bus loads of wonderful ladies while my awesome "Rock Star Bus" rolled down the road. Well, those days are over for sure. I (we) just returned from our "Make Up" trip to Belleville and Hiawatha with a mystery shop thrown in for good measure. We all had the best time! The Prizes were amazing, I picked them out myself, Tula joined us as well as an added bonus. Raechelle, our intern from Missouri Western Art Department also came and was super inspired...we may have another designer on our hands! A few of the ladies on the bus had not been on any type of quilting adventure before but I did see them carrying our large bags of fabric! We may have had a few conversions on this trip.
Thank you ladies for a super fun time, I soooooo look forward to....Kentucky in May!
Happy Quilting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Real Scoop!

Hello to all,

There is nothing like exciting news that has everyone in a buzz! Hearing it straight from the source is even better because you get the straight story.
So, straight from me to you...

Marie, my partner of 7 years and Linda Courtney, my "queenquilter" are opening their own shop. I can now make the changes that I have wanted to make for some time now. So here are the changes...

*The shoppe name is "The Quilt Shoppe" the country expressions portion will fall away
*I will be increasing our inventory drastically, both in fabrics and notions now that we have the room.
* Our signage and billboards will be updated and fresh new colors will brighten the horizon!
*I am adding a "child safe zone" play area inside the shoppe that Tula Pink will be designing...Tula was commissioned to design the Orlando Magic Children's Play Area in the Orlando Magic Arena in yes, Orlando, Florida! It is awesome!
*I have invited "celebrity" teachers to do workshops and classes for the 2011 year. Watch the calendar!
*We will have two Amazing Bus Trips as usual as well as we have contracted with Heartland Trailways to provide buses for all quilt shops participating in our trips guaranteeing US the Rockstar Black Executive Limo Bus! Our contract is now bigger than MU's...grin, grin!
*We have new staff to introduce which calls for a party!
Whitney Wilson
Morgan Hovenga
Raeshelle Ragan, Interning from Missouri Western University Art Department

Premier Longarm Artist/Quilter

We all know Angela for being Tula Pink's exclusive quilter for the past 4 years. You have seen her amazing work on quilts in the shoppe such as the "Cartwheel" Quilt that was on the bed as you come in the door, and many quilts displayed on our walls. Angela has been featured in KC Studio Magazine. She has won numerous awards for her quilting and will be on full display with several quilts at this fall's International Quilt Market when Tula Pink premiers...

Angela is a founding member of the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild as well as members of The Starlight Quilt Guild and Nighttime Needlers Quilt Guild. It is an honor and a privilege to have Angela join The Quilt Shoppe!
Her quilting machines will arrive at The Quilt Shoppe by November 1st.
To book her services or get a quote on quilting please call The Quilt Shoppe @ 816-669-3490

As always...We look forward to seeing you in "The New Quilt Shoppe" soon!
Kathy and Tula

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On!

How ironic that this months Quilter of the Month is Linda. Today was her last day at The Quilt Shoppe.
It is my understanding that Marie will be giving me a letter of explanation as she and Linda are opening a shop in Cameron. I will pass this along upon receipt.
In the meantime as the title states...I am Keeping Calm and Carrying on!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Linda Courtney!

We all know how dedicated Linda is to "The Quilt Shoppe"! Well, October is the month that we all let her know! I have always said that Linda is my right hand, left hand, my everything. I could not do what I do, nor would The Quilt Shoppe be what it is today without her! She is my "Queen Quilter". Those of you that have been on our infamous Bus Tours know that she is fun when fun is required, organized all the time, calm when the sea gets bumpy and comes off every bus smiling!
If you have never taken a class from Linda you are missing a great opportunity! Her quilting and sewing skills are excellent, she is a qualified Quilt appraiser and has made most of the sample quilts in the shoppe.
So, next time your in The Quilt Shoppe let her know just how much we all appreciate her!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Ruth Bishop & Maxine Winger!

"Two" Quilters of the Month?? Nope just two amazing wonderful friends that share a love of quilting!! Ruth and Maxine could be labeled our "original" customers as they have been with us from the very first days in the oh so small and quaint Starlight building. We ironed on the floor, shared one cutting mat (among the entire class) and I think maybe just one rotary cutter. There are many stories over the years that we can share, yes we did accidentally sell one of Ruth's beautiful quilts to a customer traveling to California. Why this customer wanted a "Ruth Supersize" Flannel quilt is still a mystery, but boy did she get a good deal!! We convinced Maxine to applique, much to her chagrin, they have both done each and every "Quilt Block of the Month", Mystery Quilt and Charity drive we have come up with. Ruth and her husband George were even there when the twinkies were born. If you notice Ruth and Maxine even share one of the original parking blocks, which everyone wants to know how to's a secret even to those who have them. Well, they now have the "Quilter of the Month" parking spot. We all love you both, appreciate it every time you come in just to chat or see what is "New", share your family stories and pick out your next project. You are both a vital part of the shoppe as much as anyone ever could be...Congratulations!!
P.S. maybe we should have "Quilter's of the Year"??

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Verna Lee Carter!

Verna Lee Carter
Yeah! Verna Lee has been a supporter of The Quilt Shoppe since its inception in 2004. When she isn't running Heartland Health (working in administration for the top dog) she is steadily quilting away on her next project for that soon to be born special baby, upcoming wedding for a niece, nephew, grandchild, friend, co-worker or just because she loves the fabrics and patterns. We thank you for your support over the years and the friendship that you have brought to the shop. Your generosity in community affairs, your donations and the time you have spent thinking of others is why we have chosen you as our "QUILTER OF THE MONTH". To purchase raffle ticket for Verna's most recent donation quilt please contact the shoppe. 816-669-3490

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


YES! Our Quilter of the Month is Bob Taylor...a man! Bob, we love you, love your talent, skill, eye for color, and enthusiasm! Who doesn't love a quilter that comes into The Quilt Shoppe and says "what's the hardest thing you have", you show him the Bargello consisting of 10 million pieces, he likes it, selects his fabrics, has it done in a little over one week, it's fantastic AND its his first quilt! Men! You are in our hearts and an inspiration to all of us and all quilters or wanna be quilters! You continue to amaze us with every quilt!