Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I finally got to Ride the Bus!

HOW FUN! All this time I was staying behind at the Shoppe playing hostess to the 10-13 other bus loads of wonderful ladies while my awesome "Rock Star Bus" rolled down the road. Well, those days are over for sure. I (we) just returned from our "Make Up" trip to Belleville and Hiawatha with a mystery shop thrown in for good measure. We all had the best time! The Prizes were amazing, I picked them out myself, Tula joined us as well as an added bonus. Raechelle, our intern from Missouri Western Art Department also came and was super inspired...we may have another designer on our hands! A few of the ladies on the bus had not been on any type of quilting adventure before but I did see them carrying our large bags of fabric! We may have had a few conversions on this trip.
Thank you ladies for a super fun time, I soooooo look forward to....Kentucky in May!
Happy Quilting!

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